Saturday, February 19, 2011



If you come out of the back of Paddington Station and head towards Sheldon Square, look back as you go up the temporary stairs and there is this awesome site of Paddington first thing in the morning, with the sun just glinting off the roof. People - commuters (who are just about people) - look at you as if you are mad if you stop to take a photograph of anything. There is only one thing that people want to do and that is head off from their train journey to their office.

This is over the span of Paddington that they have been refurbishing all of the years that I have been commuting, and we have had a first glimpse of it recently inside - it is going to make the rest look really shabby!

Anyway, as they say, a journey starts with a single step. And this is the first step in my photographic journey. I have no idea yet where I will end up or what I will discover, if anything. But heck: it should be fun!

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