About the Journey


Not sure I really like the picture of me, taken by my daughter with my camera... Anyway, I just want to explain what I am doing here. I was inspired by Mark Carline's Blog to start a project that would let me explore my own photographic talents (or lack of them). Lots of people do a 365 project, but just like Mark, I know that I am not going to make one a day worthy of publishing: (a) I am not that organised, (b) family calls, (c) work gtets in the way. But, I am trying to take my camera wherever I go now. I cannot take all the kit, so I choose something for the day which will influence the output!

By aiming to complete a project like this over 12 months, I hope I will begin to (a) improve, (b) define a style, and (c) work out what I really like to photograph!

I have been greatly inspired by a number of Flickr members - and I will post a little bit about them with some links in coming days, weeks and months.